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The world is becoming a more digital place. Big clumsy backdrops, Rubbermaid bins of booth props, big clunky camera lights and old school print outs of photos that will most likely end up in your dryer lint trap are what most photo booths on the market look like. Colorado Gif Booth is a simple, small set up providing photo booth rental services for weddings, events, Mitzvahs, corporate events, and more to Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Longmont, Lyons and anywhere on the Front Range. No backdrops needed - this booth is about the people in it. Want props? We can do that! Don't want props? That's ok too. The booth is so fun you don't even need them! Don't want your guests to lose the images they take? That's cool! We text each guest their images. 

Colorado Gif Booth is a photo booth that primarily creates gifs or "boomerangs" (if you're into that Instagram lingo). It's small, portable, and can even run on battery power. It's automated so your guests can enjoy it quickly and easily with no wait time. It's also ALL DIGITAL, so your guests photos don't end up in the dryer lint trap. Instead they can post them all over social media for everyone to enjoy. The gif booth is run by Shebli Huston, a long time wedding photographer in Colorado. After photographing hundreds of weddings, many with big clunky photo booths, she decided the world needed something a lot more modern and simple for guests to enjoy! Customers who book Shebli as their wedding photographer can save on their photo booth booking. 


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