Denver Wedding Photo Booth

Our Denver wedding photo booth was a perfect addition to Katlin and August’s wedding in Denver, Colorado this past April. Not only did Katlin and August have the Gif booth at their wedding, but I was also hired to photograph their special day. Their wedding was such a blast, and it even snowed in April!

Katlin and August are such a fun, nerdy couple who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Katlin and August are gamers and even had their first date at 1up in Denver, Colorado playing pinball machines! They spent the evening playing different games at 1Up, and after that they even had their first kiss there at the Pacman game! How cool is that?!

Katlin and August’s wedding was definitely one for the books. One of my former client’s, Ellen and Ben, were also at this wedding! They are an equally awesome couple and their gamer engagement session at the Wizard’s Chest in Denver, is still one of the most visited blog posts of all time. I also photographed their Downtown Denver wedding at Wynkoop Brewery, which was just as fun and equally filled with awesomeness. It was so great getting to catch up with them and to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of people.

The Gif booth is the perfect addition to any wedding or event, and really makes for a great time for you and your guests. Below are some of our favorite Gif bommerangs from Katlin and August’s wedding. You can get a feel from their goofy Gifs how much fun this group was to work with and how much fun their guests had with our photobooth!

We are incredibly lucky to work with people like these two authentic, fun couples, who own who they are and aren’t afraid to show it. Congratulations Katlin and August!



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