5 Reasons to have a Photobooth at Your Denver Wedding

Back when I got married, a photo booth seemed like the least of the things I had to consider as part of my wedding budget. It wasn’t even a blip on the wedding radar. I never considered it, but now as a wedding photographer with a decade of experience in the wedding industry, I now know how many gaps a photobooth can fill at a wedding and why they are so popular. Here are a few reasons you should have a photobooth at your Denver, Grand Junction, or Colorado wedding.

  1. Entertainment – No matter what type of entertainment you have at your wedding, there may be someone who doesn’t dance, isn’t in love with casual music, or whatever else. Adding a photobooth adds a wider variety of entertainment for your guests and can keep them busy when things like the bar line are overcrowded. Guests always have fun when the Colorado Gif Booth is at their wedding because they can take an unlimited amount of photos or gifs, spend time sharing them on social media and it makes for a lot of laughs. A photo booth like that gives people a collection of happy memories from your big day.
  2. Encourages People to Socialize – Mobile phones have taken over the world these days. Have you ever seen a wedding ceremony where everyone has their phones up taking clips for Snapchat, Instagram, or just taking video claiming it’s “for the couple.” We are all so focused on creating digital content to memorialize the highlights in our lives that we forget to socialize. I recently read a study that says we spend about five years and four months in our lifetime on services like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter. About one year and seven months of that is time on Facebook alone. The same study said we spend a bit over three years socializing in person. Can you imagine? We spend more time digitally socializing than we do in person. A photobooth can be a great way to offset our digital socialization by getting people to meet new friends and having them laugh and come up with ideas together for fun photos in the booth. It helps keep your guests present in the moment. You won’t find them sitting at their reception tables scrolling through their Instagram stories with their heads buried in their phones.
  3. They Make Digital Favors for Guests – A digital photobooth like the Colorado Gif Booth makes for great digital favors for your guests. Let your guests be entertained, enter their phone number and get all their photobooth images and gif files sent to their phone where they can decide to print them out later if they want or share them online. The beauty of digital favors instead of printed photo booths is the photos don’t end up on the floor of your car or buried somewhere in a purse. People are a lot less likely to lose them. They won’t fade over time. You can keep the memories intact forever.
  4. Keeps Guests Busy During Downtimes – Have you ever been to a wedding with tons of guests and they’re announcing the buffet table-by-table? It can take forever. It’s hard to keep guests happy if they’re among the last tables to get food. A photo booth gives them something to occupy their time during any downtime at a wedding. While you’re out taking group photos and couples’ photos during cocktail hour, your guests can be socializing and having a great time with the photobooth.
  5. Wedding Photographers Can’t Document Everyone – As much as we’d love to document everyone as wedding photographers, the truth is that sometimes guests sometimes feel uncomfortable with a stranger taking photos of them. A photobooth can help combat awkward guest photos by giving your guests the option to consent to be photographed on their own time.

I wish I’d had these benefits at my wedding and hopefully, they help you! You can find out more about the Colorado Gif Booth at our website, check out our pricing, get photobooth tips every week, and check out some of our recent events and weddings. If you love what we do, join us on Facebook and Instagram too!

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