Minds Matter Inc. added our Denver event photobooth to their annual fundraising event and it could not have been a more perfect addition. Minds Matter Inc. hosts this annual Casino Night fundraising event every year as a fun and creative way to raise money their organization. 100% of the profit from this event went back to  supporting their program of mentoring high school students from low-income families to better prepare them for college success and a stable future. The attendees at this fundraising event got a chance to indulge in a live silent auction, an open bar, a delicious three course meal, a ton of casino games, and of course our Gif photobooth!  

Minds Matter Inc. is a local non-profit in Denver, Colorado that works to support and prepare local high school students for a better future and have been nationally recognized for helping mentor high-achieving students from low-income areas. They focus solely on students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, providing them with opportunities for individual mentoring programs, summer enrichment courses, and group academic instruction.

This non-profit was founded in 1991 and since then they 100% of their students have been accepted into a 4 year college. All students that have gone through the mentorship program with Minds Matter Inc. have also received scholarships to schools such as The University of Colorado, Colorado State University, Cornell, Columbia, and many more great colleges! Another fun fact about this Denver non-profit is that Minds Matter Inc. is a 99.5% volunteer based organization and each student enrolled gets not 1, but 2-3 different mentors to help them through the program. These volunteer mentors work to build an impactful and sustainable long term relationship with their mentees, effecting both of their lives forever.

Below you can see the Gif booth in action at the event and some of our favorite moments! The Colorado Gif Booth absolutely loved being a part of such a special event for an amazing cause.

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