Will there be an attendant?
- Absolutely! In case anything goes wrong an attendant is on hand. When booked with Shebli Nikkole Photography for your wedding photography services she is there photographing as well as monitoring your booth. That said, it's so easy to operate you won't need to worry about any issues.

Is Colorado Gif Booth LGBTQ+ Friendly?
- Of course! We want all our clients to feel included and represented in the services we offer.

Does it print?
- Nope! Every gif or still is sent digitally to your guests so they can share on social media and enjoy it on the go as much as they'd like. Prints always get lost and digital photo booths make it easy to share the images with friends and family on social media instead!

Can it take regular photographs?
- Yes! It does take stills. You can decide between having it only create gifs, stills or a combination of both. When you have the booth set to create both, each guest will be allowed to decide which option they want for their image.

How long does it take to set up and how much space do I need to plan for?
- It takes about 10 minutes to set up and get running. To ensure a smooth set up, we ask that you provide your venue's wifi name and password in advance. A vertical banner sign stands next to the booth to help instruct users on how it works. 

What about props?
- The booth's nature creating gifs is already fun so if you don't want props that's okay, but we include them just in case they're your style! Just ask us!

What about backdrops?
- Due to the nature and portability of the gif booth, no backdrop is necessary. The focus is on creating moving images instead! 

Can I add more hours after I book?
- Yes. Additional hours are $150 per hour. We find the photo booth is a hit for a couple hours and isn't always needed for a longer amount of time. We ask that if you need to add on hours you give me at least 2 weeks notice so we can notify our attendant and ensure they will be available for the entirety of your event. 

Do you have insurance?
- Totes! If your venue needs a copy, just let us know!

How do my guests view all the gifs after the event?
- If your guests want to enjoy all the gifs and not just their personal ones, a quick SMS text message after the event will give everyone who participated in the photobooth access to all the gifs!

Can we download all the gifs after the event?
- You definitely can!

How far out can we book?
- The gif photo booth books on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you book the better your luck for availability! However, at this time we do not accept bookings more than 18 months in the future.

How do I book?
- As long as the photo booth is available for your event, you can book online with a signed contract and 50% retainer to reserve the date. The remaining payment will be due a week prior to your event. Just inquire to check availability and you can book easily online!

How fast does it text the gif and photos to my guests?
- As long as wifi or data service is available it will text your gif instantly to your guests. In the event of a connection mishap, gifs are still uploaded to your event and can be sent out in mass as soon as a wifi or data connection is available.

What if I want to book Shebli Nikkole for my wedding photographer and the gif photo booth isn't available?
- No worries! Shebli can still be your photographer and connect you up to some other awesome photo booth options!

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